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Supplies Needed:

  • Adult diapers and other urinary hygiene products

  • Personal hygiene items such as deodorant, tooth paste, denture cleaners and so on,  without perfumes or coloring where available

  • Sheets and blankets, 100% cotton where available

  • Wheelchairs

  • Crutches

  • Wash rags, towels and others

  • Hearing aid batteries

  • Flashlights

  • Pajamas and other clothing to wear that is easy to snap or pull on (elastic band pants, Velcro fasteners, etc.)

  • Socks


  • Boxed juices that do not require refrigeration

  • Nutritional liquid food supplements, such as Ensure

  • High calorie, easy to eat foods such as pudding, premixed oatmeal packs, apple sauce, granola bars and other cereal bars

  • Any easy to eat food which does not require refrigeration

  • Small coolers for food storage

  • "MRE's" or Military Ready to Eat meals, available through military supply stores or through local military bases.

  • Processed cheese spread in cans

  • Crackers

  • Peanut butter

  • Individualized prepackaged snacks such as Chex Mix

  • Soft cookies such as Fig Newtons

 Medical Supplies

  • Sanitizing gels

  • Wheelchairs

  • Crutches

  • Small coolers for medical supplies

Rebecca Moore, Executive Director of OAHCP said these types of age-specific donations are critical for the delicate aged in disaster areas.

“Nursing home residents have specific dietary needs due to their advanced age and medical condition,” said Moore.  “They are unable to eat food provided by national disaster relief organizations.  In order to ensure their current level of health, it is essential that we supply condition-specific foods to the thousands of nursing home residents stranded by this storm today.”

OAHCP also is coordinating with nursing home providers to identify medical staff who will assist at shelter sites in Louisiana.  Tom Coble, president of OAHCP said 16 nurses and multiple staff have already volunteered to man shelters and more are anticipated to assist in the days to come.  “These highly trained medical professionals know in their hearts the trauma these frail elderly are experiencing in these disaster areas,” said Coble.  “I am touched by their devotion to this group and nursing home providers throughout Oklahoma are doing everything we can to help them as they travel to help these wonderful people.”

McCormick stated that medical supplies are being donated free of charge by OAHCP member nursing homes.  “Elderly who reside in nursing homes are especially sensitive to changes in environment”, said McCormick.  “These frightful changes result in escalating medical problems, which must be dealt with immediately.  Minutes count in these situations and we are proud to donate medical supplies to meet this demand.”  

McCormick also noted his pride for the nursing home workers who rode out the hurricane with their residents, as well as for those coming to their aid from Oklahoma.  "These workers commitment to our frail elderly is commendable and I have never been so proud of our industry."

For a list of nursing homes in your area accepting donations, a list of needed supplies or more information on OAHCP’s efforts to assist elderly affected by Hurricane Katrina, you may contact the OAHCP office at 405-524-8338 or access information on the web at www.oahcp.org.  A donation box will also be at the OAHCP office at in Oklahoma City at 200 NE 28th.

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