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Artesian Home
Laughter is the first thing you encounter when walking into Artesian Home. Residents meeting and talking. Staff gently hovering, making sure everyone has what they need. A big family, enjoying each other and the day.

Everyday is like that at Artesian. Good food, caring friends -- and a great place to live. From short term care while recovering from an illness or fall, to long term residential care, Artesian has everything you or your loved one needs to be "at home!"

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Elmbrook Home
"I just love our yard!" You hear that from so many residents who congregate on the fenced lawn. Mature trees. Bird feeders. No sound from the street. A quiet, natural retreat to spend time.

No sterile "hospital like" environment at Elmbrook. Just a gracious, beautiful facility filled with caring health professionals and people just like you. Ready to laugh. Talk. Enjoy.

From the first-class physical therapy facilities to the manicured yard, Elmbrook can fill all your short or long-term residential care needs.

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Southbrook Home
Stylish yet comfortable. You notice it the minute you step on the manicured lawn. And that same easy elegance stays with you as you stroll throughout the facility.

It's the same way with the staff. An ready smile. A warm hug. A chance to really talk. You just seem to know that these are competent, compassionate people who will care for your and yours. That type of security it rare. So if you're looking for short or long term care for yourself or someone you love, there is no doubt -- Southbrook is the choice for you!

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Suites at Elmbrook Home
A time for work . . . a time for play. That's what The Suites at Elmbrook are all about. The Suites are the ultimate reward for all your hard work. A beautiful place to live and play!

Made exclusively for active seniors wishing not to be burdened with the responsibilities of a large home, housecleaning and cooking, the Suites offers the best and most luxurious in independent living.

As comfortable as your own home, without all the strings attached. Come by the Suites today to see what awaits you, or call the helpful staff at the Suites for details about your ultimate reward!

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Westbrook Home
There's nothing like living in a small town. You know everyone and everyone knows you. It's no different at Westbrook. The moment you step out of your car, you are cheerfully greeted on the lawn by a smiling resident. Inside, something tells you -- I've come to the right place.

Only a short drive from Ardmore, Westbrook has everything the discerning resident needs. Excellent physical therapists. Skilled nursing staff. Scheduled activities. Beautiful rooms, with designer wall paper. This could be your (or a loved one's) new home.

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Woodview Home
Woodview is the best kept secret in southern Oklahoma. Walk through the doors once, and just like everyone who enters the beautiful lobby, you'll shake your head and wonder, "How have I lived here this long and not know about Woodview?"

Groups of happy people everywhere. The lobby. The bird aviary. The dining room. These are people who enjoy the staff and each other.

For someone needing a variety of services, this is the perfect place. First rate staff. Cheerful residents. A beautiful facility.

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